While it may not feel like winter – or even Fall – here in Cincinnati, on October 14, 2019 Salesforce made their Winter 2020 release globally available.   There are lots of new features across functions and industries.  Here are just a few you should know about to enhance your organizations functionality.  We’ll focus this time on the features that will make doing your job as an admin easier!

Field Reference Finder 

Have you struggled with finding a comprehensive list of all of the places a particular field is being used?  The “where is this used” feature in the release is one for all you admins, particularly if you are evaluating a long-established or inherited system. With a click of a button you can easily view all of the references to a custom field, such as references in a formula, layout or Apex class. It’s as easy as clicking the “where is this used” button to see where the field is used. The list will include Field set, Formula field, Flow (query), Reports (Columns), validation rules, Apex Class, Process Builder (criteria) plus many more. Use this information to communicate changes to others who use the field in a formula or other context. And use the information yourself as you’re evaluating custom fields and their need and use.  In this release, Salesforce added support for reports. This may be the feature that you didn’t know you needed, but will prove to be the most helpful day to day, with the Winter 2020 release.

Printable List Views 

This is another one of those simple but extremely useful new functions in the Winter 2020 release. Up until now in order to print a list view you had to go through the frustrating process of viewing the list as a web page and then printing from there with extra clutter and often extra paper.  With the addition of the “Printable View” button you can print what you need without clutter and hassle.  You may not print lists often but you’ll notice this great upgrade when you do.

Enhanced Mobile Security

Mobile Security keeps Salesforce app data safe and users’ personal data personal. With Enhanced Mobile Security you can control a range of policies to create a security solution tailored to your organization’s needs. You can limit user access based on operating system versions, app versions, and perhaps most importantly device and network security. You can also specify the severity of a violation.  Other policies prohibit unsecure behaviors in the app, such as blocking file backups or 3D Touch. And you can log user actions required for your compliance checks, including calls, texts, emails, and screenshots.  This mobile application management comes at an additional fee and is available for the current Salesforce mobile app in all editions, except Database.com, and the new Salesforce mobile app in all editions, except Essentials and Database.com.

Other enhancements to look forward to include:

·      B2C Commerce: On-Demand Sandboxes

·      Journey Builder: Einstein Send Time Optimization

·      Work Rule Enhancements

·      Real-Time Event Monitoring

·      Account Teams and Opportunity Contact Role Enhancements

Looking for more info and help on the Winter 2020 release?   Check out the Salesforce Release website, or go further and earn a new badge by taking the new Winter ’20 Release Trail!

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