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CNL’s team has over 15 years of Salesforce consulting and implementation experience spanning across several industries. From manufacturing to financial services to technology, we know and develop best practices that will help get you to your goal.

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At CNL, we turn technology into tangible business value. Technology is in our DNA. Since day one it’s been how we drive results. Our multi-disciplinary teams combine deep technical expertise, industry experience, and the operational know-how to deliver a real, competitive advantage. Think return, not burn.

So whether you need a fast, smart solution to deliver measurable results, or a longer- term strategy that will disrupt the market for years to come, together, we’ll get it done. We can help you make an impact.

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A framework for organizations to prevail in the post- pandemic world

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that predicting the future can be futile. While many predicted a U.S. economic recession in 2020—after an 11-year expansion period—no one expected the sudden and dramatic economic repercussions from a global pandemic. Most were unprepared. Yet all were expected to respond.

Your business has responded. But has it adapted for the long run? At CNL, we work with companies across industries—and all of them have a different role in the value chain. Right now, they all have one thing in common: they want to not only survive this unexpected turn of events, but thrive—and be better for it in the long run.

Any good offense is backed by a strong defense.

Market disruption caused by the pandemic, and other factors, requires you to protect your business’s livlihood. Seeing an increase in reported cyberattacks? Need to preserve cash in the face of uncertainty? Don’t know how to get your employees back to work safely?

Taking immediate, defensive measures helps insulate your business as you respond to change. We will help you:

  • We help organizations, large and small, unlock the power of the Salesforce platform.
  • Whether it drives revenue or improves the overall customer experience.
  • Unlike others, we define success first and align every task against that objective.

This pace and breadth of change calls for purposeful and swift action.

The world around us is shifting. Years’ worth of change is happening in a matter of weeks. Like many leaders, you’re probably finding you don’t have enough insights from the data in your company. You might also need to rethink your business model for a different future—or at least, alter your portfolio of products and services, digitize operations, and enable a more remote workforce. Before the pandemic hit, 61% of leaders said their ability to adapt quickly was a top strategic priority, but only 17% think they could do this well. Pivoting requires you to observe, orient, decide, and act—quickly and purposefully. We think you should:

  • Assess the changing world around you and not only adapt to the changes, but leverage them for competitive advantage 

  • Better understand your business through a rapid approach to data analytics 

  • Start taking a test-and-learn approach to new products, services, experiences, and business shifts 

  • Consider mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures as part of your strategy

It’s imperative to test the results of your actions—and prove that they bear results.

A lot of companies make plans to change. Some actually do. But how many measure the results of their actions through financial results? We’ve found, for instance, that 49% of leaders don’t have access to data to demonstrate the ROI of their customer experience investments. In a fast-changing environment, you only have so many bets to make— and any actions or plans should be tested and proven before they can be put in place for the long run. Want to make sure your business changes and investments are worthwhile? We think you should.

Prove your innovations yield results—before consecrating them into your long-term strategy. We think you should:

  • Upskill and reskill your workforce for the future—and measure the results through a critical group: your managers 

  • Quantify the ROI of your customer experience and employee engagement initiatives 

  • Measure your customers’ response to your actions through loyalty and market share

Define, capture, and own a stronger market position.

The right combination of defensive and offensive moves provides the highest probability (37%) of emerging as a leader after a recession. What you’re doing is working—now you need to double down, optimize, and translate the work done to this point into competitive advantage. You need to anticipate the next challenges and continue to innovate. With your business in a stable state, you have the resources and time to build more durability and flexibility into your business model and operations. Does prevail mean you can declare victory? No— prevailing is just the beginning of your long journey to becoming a leader.

To prevail, fulfill the vision you designed and tested. We think you should:

  • Continue to instill flexibility and resilience into your organization 

  • Leverage new technologies like AI that create efficiencies and advantage 

  • Build leading products and experiences that drive customer and employee satisfaction—and drive financial results

Your path to prevailing in the post-pandemic world has already begun. But have you charted your next step—and the step after that? Our CRM methodologies can help.


Every client asks this question – and we have put a lot of thought into our response: 

We help organizations, large and small, unlock the power of the Salesforce platform – whether it drives revenue or improves the overall customer experience. Unlike others, we define success first and align every task against that objective.

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“Cloud Next Level helped us rethink our entire Salesforce strategy, from the bottom up. Upon a successful implementation, we collectively revisit our SF priorities routinely to readjust as needed to stay on task.”

– A. Piddington, Vice President, Sales

Private clients

“Cloud Next Level was highly responsive, flexible, and delivered the tools we needed. In addition, they trained us to use them within our native environment – while providing insight into maintaining our system. Their experience in the real estate industry helped us implement the tools we needed now, with an eye to scaling in the future.”

-E. Martin, Vice President, US Real Estate Firm

Professional Firms

“From our first meeting, Cloud Next Level’s dedicated team displayed a depth of knowledge and experience, helping us rearchitect our Salesforce and Pardot environments, and putting us in position to efficiently improve and modernize both.”

— K. Schott, SVP Business Development

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