Business Process Automation

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Marketing, Sales, Operations, and Service – Working Better Together

jācapps is a Michigan-based tech company focusing on mobile app development for radio stations. They have made over 600 radio apps since 2008 and helped mainstream the industry. While media has been their emerging industry expertise, they are anything but a one-trick pony. jācapps works with a diverse mix of companies, from construction powerhouses to the big three to award-winning hospitals.


jācapps had used Salesforce since 2013 but never used it beyond a basic database. They knew Cloud Next Level’s work through professional connections and started with a bucket of hours to help them work efficiently across Marketing, Sales, Operations, and Service.

Cloud Next Level quickly analyzed our business and developed a keep understanding of how jācapps operates and what we are trying to accomplish.


Cloud Next Level and jācapps took a holistic view to make each business function more efficient while at the same time better connected to one another. CNL took a cross-organizational approach to implement a new structure, eliminate redundant technologies, provide documentation, and train “voluntold” admins and super users. 


  • An automated marketing tool was integrated into Salesforce, eliminating manual processes to convert marketing leads to qualified sales leads.  
  • Website forms were updated to eliminate redundant data entry by potential customers when contacting the company for information or support.


  • CNL created a sales pipeline and performance dashboard for executive visibility and decisioning.
  • Security settings were improved to focus salespeople on their own accounts which accelerated timely follow-up activities.


  • Processes were automated for follow-up on contract renewals. 
  • Users were trained in essential system maintenance and security. 
  • Profiles and role structures were implemented to simplify access and onboarding for new users.


  • The Service department is no longer siloed from Marketing and Sales which has expedited service and sales requests.

Cloud Next Level had an immediate impact on several jācapps foundational marketing processes. They fixed our email platform, making it more user-friendly, then fixed the connection to our website so that leads could be easily captured and segmented into product categories. Now we can track the origin of our leads. It is exactly the information that we need. Our team is so stoked to have information to act on.


After an initial evaluation, Cloud Next Level suggested seven key projects to increase efficiency and connect departments within Salesforce. 


  1. Form creation – to provide an easy and logical user interface
  2. Dashboards & Reports – sales pipeline and business pipeline dashboards created with appropriate reports
  3. Sales goal discovery and congruent data mapping
  4. Automated marketing integration and best practices training
  5. Profiles and permissions set up to secure the system and simplify future user setup
  6. Email-to-case setup and mapping
  7. Training of marketing, sales, operations, and service users with documentation for future reference.

The ability to track important business metrics like Won/Lost reporting is a game-changer for us. Traditionally, we have long sales cycles. Having precise information about the buying cycle will help us to understand and manage the dynamics of platform and custom product lines more successfully.


  • Through marketing automation, jācapps was able to increase lead capture by 400% and, as a result, increase revenue by 100%.
  • With training and a well-mapped sales process, the sales team has tripled their pipeline and doubled their revenue.
  • By developing a transparent business process with the sales team, qualified leads increased by 150%
  • The Sales team, no longer relying on only existing accounts, has grown in number and expanded their territory.
  • By exposing the sales team to support and tickets, they now have a 360-degree view of the business and can better serve their customers.

Cloud Next Level has been nothing short of amazing for us. The communication was always top-notch to the ENTIRE team, which was important for us. I could not recommend them enough.