Managed Services

Our Managed Services focuses on using the right technology, processes, and people to get the job done. We look at your whole business to evaluate your system. It’s not uncommon to find an overburdened tech stack with competing functions that aren’t necessary. Who doesn’t love getting more value for your dollar by eliminating unneeded technology and using what you have more efficiently?

At Cloud Next Level, we want to see your business succeed.  We want to find solutions that will pay off in the long run, not just patch a current problem.

Why should you invest in a CNL Managed Services Package?

• An expert team just a phone call away
• Only pay for the hours you need
•Improve in-house maintenance and support of the system •Qualified Project Management
• Fast and Robust Salesforce Solutions
• Improve ROI

Who do we work with?

• Small businesses without dedicated Salesforce Admins
• Organizations in Transition
• Growing organizations
• Support teams
•Large organizations with specific project management needs
•Management and Executives

What Do We Do?

• Day to Day requests such as user changes, reporting, etc.
• Infrastructure management
• System performance monitoring
• Bug fixes and issue resolution
• Security checks
• User Support
• User training
• Proactive improvements
•AND More

Timing and Pricing Options

We can work with you for a few hours a month or on a full-time basis.  We’ll create a custom Managed Services Package that meets your needs without breaking your budget!

Get In Touch Today

The Cloud Next Level managed services business model is a partnership, not a one-off service. Our integration into your team makes CNL incredibly valuable when gathering unique insights and taking your business to the next level. Your Salesforce system reaches into every part of your company. You need it to function most efficiently and comprehensively. Cloud Next Level managed services can help with keeping the lights on, running large internal projects while at the same time offering new strategies to help you develop a robust, secure CRM.