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Company Mergers and Salesforce

Company mergers often involve combining multiple systems and databases into one unified system. Customer relationship management (CRM), specifically data merging in instances, is one

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Hubspot to Salesforce Migration

Moving from Hubspot to Salesforce is a great way to combine your CRM and marketing efforts seamlessly. If your company is thinking about this change or is in the process, here are a few things to consider. 

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Archiving Data as Part of Your Business Strategy

Archiving old data can improve the performance of your systems by reducing the amount of data that needs to be stored and processed. Smart archiving can lead to faster query times, more efficient use of storage resources, and improved overall system stability.

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Data Privacy

Data privacy regulations are becoming increasingly complex. How do we identify and remove or lock down sensitive information from Salesforce instances to comply with regulations?

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Salesforce ERP Integration

Salesforce / ERP Integration happens using an integration platform or a middleware solution that bridges the two systems. The integration platform allows you to easily map the data fields from one system to the other to share and update the information in real time.

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Financial Systems Integration

Salesforce can integrate with financial systems like QuickBooks, SAP, and NetSuite using middleware, such as Zapier, or with Salesforce’s built-in integration tools, such as Salesforce Connect and Salesforce Lightning Connect.

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Gathering Requirements

How does requirements gathering safeguard efficiency and effectiveness for integrations with Salesforce? Requirements gathering is an essential step in integrating with Salesforce because it helps

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