Your sales team is terrific. You already know that.  At Cloud Next Level we know that they can be even better with some training on how to use Salesforce more efficiently.

An investment in Salesforce only works when the workers who have to use the system know how to use it and, more importantly, trust the information coming from it to gain insights and make decisions.

Salesforce is a wonderful, yet complex tool, and in order to benefit from all of its features, you need training. You want a team that works smarter, not just harder. It makes sense to train your sales team to use every feature of Salesforce designed specifically to make your company a success.

That’s where Cloud Next Level comes in. Although many resources are available, it’s a challenge to find the right training for your team. Not every member of your team has the time or motivation to get into the Salesforce Trailhead and work through trails and modules to find what they need.

Our Salesforce training is for users – including your sales and support team, marketing staff, and executives.  We’ll help you maximize their productivity while using all the best features of this powerful CRM for your organization. This will allow your entire staff to get up to speed on the Salesforce platform so that you can perform your best and optimize the software’s value to the organization.

Learn how to:

·     Get started with the Salesforce environment

·     Optimize lead flow

·     Manage ongoing sales processes

·     Manage the opportunity pipeline

·     Streamline the sales process with reports and dashboards

·     And much more

 At Cloud Next Level we offer personally tailored training for either of Salesforce Classic or Salesforce Lightning. Whether you’re Salesforce beginner or an advanced user, our training will cover all you need to know to help individuals become Salesforce power users.

Everyone has different learning styles and financial means, but there are various training options to suit all requirements. Our configurable training packages include in-person trainings, webinars and one-on-one screen share opportunities. This also includes analytics for management to review and address low-adoption users who may need additional help.

Want to see a return on your Salesforce investment? Train your employees! Salesforce training is key for long-term end-user adoption. Don’t allow your CRM implementation to fail because you didn’t train your team.

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