Cloud Next Level is ready to help you take your marketing to the next level.  If you’ve already invested in Pardot and Salesforce you know that each is a robust system with seemingly endless possibilities.  Are you using them to their full potential or yours?   Let’s explore what Pardot integration into Salesforce can do for you and how Cloud Next Level can help.

 Pardot on its own can help you automate your marketing processes and nurture leads to become viable contacts.  The customer data you can collect through Pardot can integrate seamlessly into your Salesforce system to help your sales team enter the sales relationship with more information than ever.  More information means more meaningful connections and higher chance of sales success.

 How can Cloud Next Level help you set up or optimize your Pardot/Salesforce System?

 1.      Workflow — With Pardot’s lead nurturing campaigns you can be sure that from the initial click on your website to the sales connection your potential customer is getting the information they need tailored to their particular interest.  The manual monitoring of interest is automated so action is taken right away using your pre-defined criteria.  All this with excellent reporting functions at every step of the process

2.     Dynamic Marketing – You’ll be able to target your marketing more specifically and personalize the path from interest to sale with the Pardot Engagement Studio.  Forms, lading pages, e-mails and websites can be automatically personalized for each individual prospect.

3.     E-mail tools – Pardot comes with responsive out of the box templates and plenty of capability for custom design.  Formatting and hosted content options are quick and easy to use.

4.     Prospect Tracking – Pardot allows you to track a prospects activity all in one place.  No more juggling reports from your email newsletter provider, social posts, landing pages and website.  Pardot can consolidate the information and give you more complete and concise information on what marketing strategies are working best for individual prospects.  Scoring and grading of prospects using your organizations customized profiles.

5.     Seamless integration with Salesforce – Salesforce describes Pardot as “B2B Marking Automation on the World’s #1 CRM.”  This means that your sales team has access to lead information sooner and with more detail than ever before.  The path from marketing to sale becomes more direct and easier to follow.

 Cloud Next Level has a team of Certified Pardot specialists that can help you set up your Pardot Salesforce connection in a way that works optimally for your business.  Once you automate your lead qualification and nurturing process you can get back to what’s most important – building meaningful relationships with your customers.  Contact us today at