The Benefits of Salesforce Lightning Experience

The Lightning Experience transition is coming this October, but that doesn’t mean it has to be spooky! Salesforce developed Lightning Experience to make selling easier and service more personalized. At its best, Lightning Experience will boost productivity and save up to 10 hours per employee per week.  Not to mention saving up to 25% of the time developers spend building customizations.

Lightning experience is modern and designed with the end user in mind. It definitely has the feel of a mobile app and will make it easier for your team to input and extract data from mobile devices. It’s also more visual, making it easier to track opportunities and see pipelines. Lightning looks more like you would expect a user-ready application to look and works in a more intuitive way, reducing the need for as much training, and lowering the barrier to entry for organizations or individuals just getting started with Salesforce. Most importantly, the enhanced customization features make building intuitive personalized dashboards a lot easier for administrators.

Chances are, many people within your organization don’t know this change is coming. And if they do, they may be nervous about it.  We get it! Change — as great and transformational as it might be — can throw people off guard, take away their sense of control, and create an uncomfortable level of uncertainty.  What can you do to help?   Start talking about it now.  Convert and train some of your Salesforce power users NOW and help them get the word out about the benefits of Lightning.  The more information you share through enthusiastic knowledgeable users, the less likely your organization is to be caught off guard.

What are the benefits your organization will see in the Lightning Experience platform?

Connectivity! All of your salesforce products will be available and connected in one place.  No more siloed data. Get what you want when you need it with a clean, sleek interface.

Speed! It’s as fast as, well — Lightning!  The Lightning Platform enables your users to build apps and customize them fast with drag and drop components. By quickly delivering customized, connected apps, your sales, marketing, and service teams work more efficiently to collaborate and make customers happy.

Customization! Lightning was designed so that anyone at any time can customize their CRM, ensuring that no matter the business process, Salesforce allows its users to be more effective and successful.  Everyone from sales people to business analysts can customize their apps so they have exactly what they need at their fingertips.  Let technology help you work the way you want to work!

Mobility! You can literally run your business from anywhere on any device. Lightning was first developed for the Salesforce1 Mobile App.  It wasn’t modified for mobile as an afterthought. From sales analytics to field service, it’s all there at your fingertips.

If you have any questions, or want help making the switch to lightning, contact us today to get a free consultation with one of our Salesforce experts. [email protected]