Living the Life, She Loves

Laura Eaton

Profile: Laura Eaton Customer Success Manager

Laura Eaton is dedicated to every Cloud Next Level (CNL) client’s success and delight with our service. Two of Laura’s greatest loves are: being an exuberant Salesforce Cheerleader/teacher and her Catholic faith. Fortunately, she can help both entities at CNL through our specialized services for Catholic Archdioceses and Diocese using Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack and her zeal and interest in helping the Catholic Church.

Laura is an active Catholic who attends Mass weekly, volunteers for Children’s Liturgy, and supports many other Catholic organizations.  She happened to be at a Salesforce event when she ran into one of her “Pew Buddies,” you know those other families you happen to you sit with every Sunday at Mass. Call it Divine Intervention, he worked in the Stewardship group at the Archdiocese of Cincinnati (AOC), and they use Salesforce to track donations! Knowing that consulting help can get expensive and that the Church is not your average Nonprofit, Laura did not hesitate to offer assistance. She says, “It was really important to me that the donations myself and other parishioners were giving every week were used wisely, and this was my way of trying to make sure not a penny was wasted.”  The next thing she knew, she was pitching in and helping them straighten out some issues they were experiencing. The eventually led to CNL becoming involved.

The AOC was so impressed with Laura and CNL that they introduced us to other Arch Diocese and Diocese in the US and Canada to spread the love.

“As a Catholic organization, it can be hard to find someone who can translate our Catholic experiences, structure, processes, and giving models into the powerful customization that Salesforce provides. However, Cloud Next Level helped us do that by leveraging their team’s first-hand experience of the parish and diocesan life.” –Matt Reinkemeyer, Director of Development AOC

Laura Eaton has first-hand experience, and CNL has the know-how to customize Salesforce for the specific needs of any Archdiocese or Diocese!