Do You Need a Managed Service Provider for Your Salesforce Environment?

The decision to find help outside Salesforce administration is one small to medium-sized businesses often need to make.  Hiring a qualified in-house admin can be expensive and may not cover all of your needs depending on the admin’s background and training.  You may also need a second-level admin and a developer. Or perhaps what you need is an evaluation of your business plan and technology stack.  How do you figure it all out?  And how do you decide to outsource or hire a managed service provider or maybe a bit of both?

Outsourcing vs. Managed Services – How to Decide

First, you need to decide what the problem is that needs to be solved.  Is it a one-time system break that needs fixing?  Is it a new module to design and build?  Is it a specific tier-one help desk portion of work that needs resolution quickly? In any of these “break it fix it, models,” outsourcing could work.  You understand the specific parameters of the work and how it will integrate seamlessly into your current system. You’ve done the evaluation yourself and understand the expected outcome – it all fits in one net box. Outsourcing this type of narrowly defined works eases the workload of your in-house admin and allows the day-to-day function of the organization to go on without interference.

What if you are considering re-designing portions of your current system and adding new functionality?  Or what if your in-house admin simply doesn’t have the time or skill to handle the help tickets piling up.  If the solution you need is broad in scope and beyond your department’s skills, this is the time to consider a Salesforce Managed Service Provider like Cloud Next Level.  While an MSP can do one-time projects, the real magic behind hiring an MSP is that they can provide operational support and at the same time evaluate and enhance your system for better ROI.

Outsourcing is great if you need to churn through a narrowly defined project quickly.  Managed services are ideal if you need to figure out how to get through a project more efficiently with a better end-user experience for your internal staff and your customers. A managed service provider wants to see your business succeed. They want you to find solutions that will pay off in the long run, not just patch a current problem.

Managed services grew out of an outsourcing model.  Good managed services help take your company to the next level.

Correct Sizing: Managed Services focuses on using the right technology, processes, and people to get the job done.  They look at your whole business to evaluate your system. It’s not uncommon to find an overburdened tech stack with competing functions that aren’t necessary.  Who doesn’t love getting more value for your dollar by eliminating unneeded technology and using what you have more efficiently?

Keeping Current: Keeping your Salesforce system up to date is necessary but time-consuming.  An MSP can stay on top of updates and feature retirement issues without taking away from the essential work your in-house staff is doing.

Smart Budgeting: Costs are predictable with managed services. At Cloud Next Level, we offer monthly retainers for as few as 5 hours a month. You’ll know what you’re getting into from the start, and an MSP can help you evaluate how much time you need to accomplish your goals. It’s like having a subscription for precisely what you need at a cost far lower than that of managing an entire Salesforce IT team in-house.

Forward-Looking: Cloud Next Level Managed Service is in it for the long haul. We’re not just an outsider helping your team; we want you to think of us as a part of your team.  We can work with your existing infrastructure and enable permanent solutions to your functionality problems.  We work within your business structure to get results. We will propose solutions that are not just effective but long-lasting. Outsourcing is excellent at providing provisional measures that are expedient. To help take your company to the next level, you need more than that.

Solution Finding: An MSP like Cloud Next Level can offer a broader experience than a single project outsources can. We’re not just talking about scope creep here. We’re talking about comprehensive solutions.  With our talent pool of experienced Salesforce professionals, we can help you use your Salesforce system as efficiently as possible and build out pieces that until now have only been on your wish list.

Growing With You: Scalability is our specialty.  As your company grows, we’re ready to help you expand your Salesforce capability at the same rate. We’ll help you with the functionality you need and your staff’s training to go along with it.

The Cloud Next Level managed services business model is a partnership, not a one-off service. Our integration into your team makes CNL incredibly valuable when gathering unique insights and taking your business to the next level. Your Salesforce system reaches into every part of your company. You need it to function most efficiently and comprehensively. Cloud Next Level managed services can help with large internal projects while at the same time offering new strategies to help you develop a robust, secure CRM.