Lightning Conversion – Turbocharge your Salesforce experience

You know that here at Cloud Next Level, we love helping our customers get comfortable with Salesforce Lightning. We’ve written about the transition to Salesforce Lightning and the benefits of Salesforce Lightning. But, perhaps most importantly, we’ve talked about the advantage of Salesforce Lighting for your service functions. So, you know how we feel about it!  And we know how you think about it!  Of course, you want to use Lightning – but the daunting task of change holds you back.

We know change is hard, but the shift to Salesforce Lightning is worth it. A Forrester Consulting study found that deploying Lightning to drive greater productivity and faster time-to-market for application development obtained a return on investment (ROI) of 341 percent over three years.

It’s not hard to decide that a 341% ROI is worth the time to switch to Lightning. We’re here to help!

How does the Lightning experience rollout happen with Cloud Next Level guidance?  We use a three-step process to take you from ho-hum to Oh Boy!


Roll Out


In the Discovery phase, we’ll help EDUCATE you, your key decision-makers, and super-users about Lightning’s benefits and features include the lightning framework and experience. We take time to EVALUATE. Cloud Next Level is committed to partnering with you. We’ll evaluate your business priorities, your organization’s readiness to transition, and your technical strategy for that transition. And most importantly, we’ll ALIGN with your business plan. We’ll sync up your business and technical procedure, educate your company about your rollout strategy and help you get executive buy-in from your leadership team and key stakeholders.

Roll Out will happen with a specific PLAN in place. We’ll define an iterative rollout strategy to address your business, technical and change management requirements. Some of the elements of that plan include:

  • Creating a budget and project schedule with milestones and launch dates
  • Identifying measures for success
  • Taking a snapshot of current metrics (to measure before and after results)
  • Identifying the pilot group for rollout
  • Deciding on your pilot launch date
  • Creating a communication and training plan


We’ll then help you LAUNCH. We’re with you every step of the way as you execute your rollout strategy and go live. We’ll prepare your org with updated customizations and the necessary setup. We can help you initiate an email drip campaign to drive awareness of what’s coming

Once super users are activated and trained along with the pilot group, Lightning will be enabled for all users, and migration assistance will be provided.

At CNL, we’re not going to leave you hanging. Sure, Salesforce Lightning’s new modern interface will give you greater productivity, save you time and money, provide smooth third-party integrating and customization, which might be enough. We, however, want to provide you with certainty for your future. So, we’ll help you Optimize your sleek new system.

Once Lightning is implemented for your organization, we’ll go back and look at those snapshotted metrics to make sure your expectations are met. We’ll Analyze feedback and MEASURE business success and adoption rates. This includes creating reports and dashboards to measure key metrics, collecting user feedback and performing program reviews, and reporting results to executive sponsors of the transition.

And finally, we’ll help you with ITERATION. Implementation is the starting point from there. We can help you build on your already excellent system, using each upgrade as the point of departure for refinements and tweak.

When you’re ready to make the valuable move from Salesforce Classic to Lightning, Cloud Next Level is here to help. Our certified and experienced team will take you step-by-step through designing the best configurations and workflows for your individual business needs. Cloud Next Level wants to help you elevate your team & amplify your Salesforce ROI.

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