Salesforce Optimization

CheckpointID a Case Study in Salesforce Optimization


A startup, CheckpointID, with no certified Salesforce Administrator on staff, needed help for their “accidental administrator.” CheckpointID had a quick start implementation for its Salesforce system which had limited customization. They knew that their Salesforce instance could be better, and needed help with:

  • Automated data entry
  • Better reporting
  • Access customization
  • Training
  • Avoiding technical debt due to inexperience

CheckpointID knew that they had the needed tools. What they didn’t have was the time and expertise to customize their Salesforce instance to meet the specific needs of their clients. It was time to invest in a Salesforce consulting partner. They required a partner with multifamily industry-specific experience.

“Cloud Next Level was highly responsive, flexible, and delivered tools we needed. They trained us to use them within our native environment. They also gave us insight into maintaining our system. Their experience in the multifamily industry helped us implement the tools we needed now in a way that will be scalable for the future.” Emily Kelley, Vice President


Cloud Next Level was able to meet CheckpointID’s immediate needs and offer suggestions for the future. In the end, with minimal code development, and maximum efficiency Cloud Next Level:

  • Built an automated data entry system
  • Streamlined reporting from list view reports to drilled down specifications
  • Customized dashboards and filters, so the right people see the correct data
  • Provided clear guidance on access protocols and best practices
  • Accelerated data dissemination to key team members
  • Trained and educated staff to troubleshoot basic needs and customize for new needs

“Cloud Next Level gave us the tools we needed to give our sales team important information so they can engage with our clients more meaningfully. And they gave our administrator the confidence she needed to be self-sufficient.” Emily Kelley, Vice President


Cloud Next Level was able to offer suggestions and choices for workflow and utilization. CheckpointID was able to choose what to implement immediately and what to delay until they were better prepared. Some options they decided to use in phases and then to scale-up entirely, when ready. Cloud Next Level was also able to provide stepping stones for future growth. All the development provided was scalable, so that CheckpointID won’t need to build a new system or functionality in the future but will be able to expand on the current system.


The Checkpoint ID/Cloud Next Level project took four weeks from the initial engagement.

Cloud Next Level continues to provide ongoing support. CheckpointID realized the impact of continuing to work with CNL to solve problems and enhance performance.


  • The time saved by not manually uploading data.
  • Monthly reports are now produced weekly without increasing admin time.
  • Training on the system saves time and increases efficiency.


CheckpointID is the leading ID Verification and Fraud Prevention service in the multifamily industry. Their mission is to transform the multifamily ID verification practice to encourage a safer, more accurate, and more objective leasing process. CheckpointID has grown from serving 21,000 units in January 2018 to over 1,000,000 in June 2020, making them one of the fastest-growing new companies in the apartment space.


Cloud Next Level is a Registered Salesforce Consulting Partner with dozens of consultants from various industries. Cloud Next Level provides the industry knowledge needed to take your company to the next level as well as the technical expertise to make it happen quickly. Woman-owned, WBENC Certified and based in Cincinnati, OH.  Cloud Next Level was created in 2018 to fill the gap for midwestern companies needing expert assistance in optimizing their Salesforce experience.