Field Service

Are You Ready to Take Your Field Service Team to The Next Level?

[On September 1, 2020 Salesforce changed the name of “Field Service Lightning” to “Salesforce Field Service.”]

Salesforce Field Service Lightning

If your company has a service division and you are still working from Excel spreadsheets and Google calendars to schedule tech visits and inventory it’s time to level up! Salesforce Field Service Lightning is the platform you should consider to simplify and consolidate. There is no reason to use multiple systems when you can get more efficient functionality with a single platform. Businesses with external service teams are gaining more customers daily. Customers expect outstanding service. The trick is to make sure your service business grows AND your customers get the service they deserve. Salesforce Field Service Lightning can work for you no matter how large or small your service team. There are three basic things to consider when looking at Field Service Lightning. All revolve around who are your target users:
  • Are you in need of a system simply for your dispatchers and field tech staff?
  • Do you have contractors that only need limited access to internal information?
  • Do you want to integrate your service department with your sales department?
Let’s look at all three scenarios to see what Field Service Lightning can do for you.

The Basics

You’ve got a great team of dispatchers and field techs. They are doing their best, but they need to open multiple screens and work in three different systems to take incoming calls, schedule service, and track assets. Think about how much time you could save if all of those components were in the same system with a mobile app to make your service techs lives easier. Think of the happy customers you’ll have when your tech arrives on time and fixes the problem at hand with ONE easy visit! The Field Service Lightning core managed service package with technician and dispatcher licensing is the tool for you. You can create work orders, book services, track your assets, and build opportunities with quotes. It’s the path from spreadsheets to an actual system! Your dispatcher can schedule based on availability, location, and skill. They’ll know if you’ve got the right assets available for the job and how to bill the job against maintenance packages or a la carte expenses. Dispatchers can also prioritize service calls based on the urgency of the issue. A broken air conditioner in July can take precedent over a furnace cleaning. With the mobile app field techs can see the history of the issue, the tools, skills, and assets needed for the project and report back to dispatch when things are completed. They can also track their asset usage and be ready to replenish. No one likes going out to a job and not having the right tools or products to finish the job well. A more fluid and efficient service department makes for happier customers. We all want that.

The Next Step

Let’s say you’re a growing company. Those happy customers you’ve won are recommending you to their friends. This is great, but you’re not quite ready to take on more permanent staff yet. You have a core staff doing the work at hand, but you’ve taken on contractors to complete some of the work. Someday they’ll be part of your company, but for now, you’ve contracted them to do a specific job. Field Service Lightning is ready for that as well. Adding a contractor and community licenses to your Field Service Lightning can do that for you. No need to build a separate system for contractors, Field Service Lightning allows third party contractors the ability to work with the mobile app, but controls their access to proprietary information. You choose what they can and can’t see, as well as how and when you use your contracted staff. As a growing company, the benefits of additional functionality for a minimal cost gives you the flexibility you need to grow at the pace you’re comfortable with. Again, the goal is satisfied customers, so if you’re able to level up seamlessly they’re more likely to call on you again.

All In

All that is well and good, but if you’ve got a robust staff and are ready to go all-in with a service system that integrates fully with your sales system Field Service Lightning offers an option for that too. It’s called Field Service Lightning Plus. As you would imagine it offers all of the flexibility and consolidation mentioned above but integrates it with your Sales Cloud function as well. Your techs are great, but sometimes that 30-year-old furnace is just beyond what a repair can do. They know that it’s in the customer’s best interest to cut their losses and think about something new. That’s where the integrated system comes into play. The field service rep can make the customer happy with an immediate fix, and get all the information needed to the sales department. When the customer meets with sales, the system requirements, and customer needs are already recorded. The customer doesn’t have to start from scratch with someone new and the salesperson doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel trying to determine the parameters of the customer’s situation. Win, win! Happy customers, informed sales team, helpful field techs. This is the kind of scenario that gets you five-star reviews on Yelp!

Cloud Next Level Can Help You Level Up

So, whether you’re looking for a platform to simply help you move from spreadsheets to a real “system,” or you’re looking for an integrated sales/support application, Field Service Lightning can meet your needs. At Cloud Next Level, we’ve got a knowledgeable and dedicated team that knows all the ins and outs of Field Service Lightning. We’ll help you evaluate your current system and map out a plan to take your company to the Next Level! Contact us today, we can’t wait to help you.