Three Tools Every Salesforce Admin Should Be Using

Every salesforce admin needs a well-stocked toolbox of easy-to-use apps that make their job easier. At Cloud Next Level, our team of admins has plenty that helps us with our clients daily. So we’ve come up with a list of the top three tools to help you keep your Salesforce instance organized and your change request queue moving forward.

Salesforce Inspector 

Salesforce Inspector is a free tool that allows admins to view field data on a salesforce page.   Available for use in Chrome and Firefox, Salesforce inspector will let you see an overlay of your metadata from the user experience side.

In addition, Inspector will allow you to import and export from a record detail page in Salesforce. With a few simple SOQL queries, you can create a spreadsheet, manipulate it the way you need, and copy it back into the extension to import into Salesforce. Errors are easy to spot and correct before you add bad data to your system.

We find that Salesforce Inspector is easy to use and well-maintained. Give it a try. is a collection of open-sourced web apps on Ben Edwards’s Github page.

It can evaluate the health of your org and create an insightful and usable pdf providing a great high-level impact analysis.

The tools include an “Org Doctor” to help you figure out best practice analytics and assess the health of your org. An Org Compare that allows you to compare customizations between salesforce orgs with a visual representation of the differences.   And that’s just the beginning. also has a Data Compare tool, a Configuration Switch tool, a Schema Lister, and a field creator. All tools you might use daily as you work in your org., in addition to having a great name, is another impact analysis tool every admin should have in their toolbox. This is the tool to use when trying to keep your org data clean and figure out your metadata dependencies. And it’s FREE.

How often, as an admin, are you asked to remove or change a field but can’t tell exactly how it’s used? Of course, you can use the “where is this used” button, but takes it further. You’ll get detailed information in a .csv format.

Get all the fields, buttons, visual force pages, etc., used in a page layout in one click and copy/paste it to excel. It’s perfect for brainstorming on how to reduce clutter on your layouts.

Are you looking for more help?

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