Salesforce Spring ’21 Release Highlights

As you’re reading this, you may already have the Spring ’21 release of Salesforce, or you may be on the list for the February 5 or February 12 release.

No matter where your instance is in the process, we’d like to highlight just a few of the updates that the Spring ’21 release has to offer.


Until now, admins needed to switch back to Salesforce classic to share records. Switch no more! The Spring ’21 release makes sharing functionality available in the lightning experience. Within lightning, you can now manage sharing both records and associated records. Manual sharing will work for accounts, opportunities, cases, contact, leads, and custom objects—great news for everyone who prefers to work exclusively in lightning.


Sometimes it’s the smallest changes that make the biggest difference. Until now reports could only be exported in .xls or .csv format. As of Spring ’21, Salesforce can export reports to .xlsx format.


Everyone has the chance to look like a genius now when evaluating the likelihood of closing the deal! Einstein opportunity scoring has been a terrific boon to organizations with more than 2000 closed opportunities. The artificial intelligence platform can now accommodate small and mid-sized organizations with global scoring that uses anonymously aggregated data to score opportunities appropriately. The Einstein Readiness Assessor is available from setup and will help you determine if your organization is ready to move beyond a single-customer model to a global opportunity scoring model.


Help text gets help. Until now, the character limit for help text for both standard and custom fields was 255 characters. With this release, field-level help text has been expanded to 500 characters, making help nearly twice as helpful.


We all knew collaboration would be a focus for Salesforce when they acquired Slack at the end of 2020. The immediate formation of Salesforce Anywhere helped companies reimagine sales and service with templated best practices, built-in collaboration, and real-time alerts. The Spring ’21 release magnifies that collaborative ability with the additions of Quip for Customer 360. Your team will be able to make smarter decisions with guidance from your real-time Salesforce data. Win-Win!

As always, Salesforce is making its product sleeker and better with each release. The Spring ’21 release is no exception. If you want all of the details, go and check out the release notes HERE. Or, for more fun, take the Spring ’21 Release Highlights trail on the Salesforce Trailhead.

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