Administrative Managed Services

An Experienced CNL Team Helps CTG Work Through Bottlenecks

Cleaning Technologies Group is a global supplier of the most innovative industrial and precision cleaning technologies available today. CTG serves the medical, semiconductor, electronics, aerospace, automotive, off-road, and many other industrial markets.


CTG had a sole administrator for a mid-sized international instance of Salesforce. They had outsourced development and administrator processes to offshore contractors, and that was unsatisfactory. As CTG launched a new business venture, the in-house Salesforce administrator was pulled in too many directions and no longer could get everything done. She needed to partner with a diverse team of Salesforce fluent resources within the same time zone. CTG also needed a partner they could trust to work as if they were an integral part of the company. The experience made CTG cautious of jumping in feet first with a comprehensive managed partner.


Cloud Next Level provided the needed capacity for Salesforce managed services with admins, developers, architects, and strategy advisors.

By proving themselves with small contained projects, Cloud Next Level was able to take some of the day-to-day pressure off of the admin and learn the business well enough to take on broader issues.

“I know Salesforce well, but I no longer had the time to devote to maintaining daily activities. We appointed an internal admin, but she was being pulled in many directions as we launched a new business line. I was wary of 3rd party consultants—we had been burned in the past but decided to give a local company Cloud Next Level a chance. They earned our trust by being responsive and proactive in helping CTG. They accomplished many improvements in our instance and are still making strategic recommendations that are valuable additions to our business processes.” 


CNL started routine maintenance of the system, allowing the solo admin to pursue urgent parts of her job, while backfilling independent projects.​

As CNL learned their business better, they proved trustworthy and more able to handle day-to-day Salesforce needs. CGT turned over maintenance and development to CNL. CTG knew that they could trust Cloud Next Level to provide strategic advice and administrative and architectural expertise.

“Laura Eaton, Customer Success Director at CNL, helped me work through problems for some time through the Cincinnati Women in Tech Group. Making the transition to a formal business arrangement seemed like a natural fit for CTG. My boss was skeptical, but they won him over. My workload was crazy, so it was quite a relief to get help with daily maintenance and more significant strategic thinking. We are confident that CNL will supply staff with the proper certifications and expertise for our CTG needs.”


The breadth of knowledge with the CNL team was more than the solo admin could have known as an individual, and the capacity to develop and implement structure increased dramatically.

Cloud Next Level Results:

  • Relieved the sole manager of the daily grind of Salesforce management 50% faster response time on user requests for help, fixes, and guidance
  • Provided a time-critical resource for handling emergencies often completed in the same business day
  • Reduced OPEX associated with SFDC administration by a minimum of 25%
  • 15% Tech Debt Reduction
  • Streamlined communication and process between several 3rd  party and internal tech resources
  • Comprehensive, efficient Managed Services including 25% faster rollouts and training for new Salesforce features and functionality
  • Strategic Advisory services for efficient use of Salesforce license purchasing during contract renewal resulting in acquiring a more diverse product portfolio at the same annual cost to CTG
  • The flexibility to handle support and 100% of the new project work due to the diverse team skills of our CNL Team
  • Implementation of Salesforce Field Service