If your company is making decisions about the best way to train your staff in Salesforce.com, good news! You’re already ahead of many of your peers!

Salesforce is unquestionably the world’s most popular and, many would argue, the most powerful CRM. The addition of Pardot links sales and marketing in a fluid process that not only increases your ROI, but knocks the socks off of your customers. This is why so many companies have invested in the combined products. But, as we all know, a system is only good if users are using it well. The best Salesforce and Pardot implementations happen when users are trained in the native environment they are using. Any company who chooses to invest in Salesforce with Pardot and not educate its users won’t be able to realize the robust benefits of the platform. We all know the typical excuses. “Not enough time and/or not enough money to train all (or sometimes any) of our users.” “They’ll figure it out on their own.” “The Salesforce Trailhead can teach us/them everything they need to know.”

We get it! For many organizations, post-deployment training is an afterthought. But for a rollout to be successful, training the end users needs to be a parallel process.

At Cloud Next Level we believe that in the end it costs more time and money to have an untrained staff than it does to invest in education.

In a case study JLL VP and Senior Salesforce Administrator Nana Gregg says: “Onboarding new employees or staff members moving into new roles is just as complex as managing the org itself. From a training perspective, we saw the need for a living, breathing knowledge solution that could provide process guidance, when and where the users needed it, right at their fingertips.”1

An investment in Salesforce only works when the workers who have to use the system know how to use it and, more importantly, trust the information coming from it to gain insights and make decisions. This comes from effective training. It’s tempting to train in a learning module with fake leads and contacts and other data, but then you have to rely on users to take what they’ve learned and translate it to the live production environment. At Cloud Next Level, we believe training should include real work with real data. That way, they have already started using the CRM tool when they finish a day of training; it’s much easier to continue using a new tool than to start using it!

At Cloud Next Level, we work with the processes and data in your system to tailor training materials for your needs. Our configurable training packages include in-person trainings, webinars and one-on-one screen share opportunities. This also includes analytics for management to review and address low-adoption users who may need additional help.

Why choose Cloud Next Level to provide training for your company? Cloud Next level is a registered Salesforce partner. Like all partners, we’ve gone through a due diligence review with Salesforce and have been certified by them. We’ve got the knowledge and experience to implement, consult and train you in Salesforce and Pardot. Working with a Salesforce certified partner assures you of a smooth process and knowledgeable trainers ready to take your staff to the Next Level of use.