Things look a little different these days for everyone!

Sure, we’re a Salesforce consulting group and we’re here to help you with your development and administrative needs!  We’re also a group of people who are happy to be flattening the curve, and getting a little stir crazy at the same time. Like many of you the Cloud Next Level team is working from home and we’re at home a lot more than usual right now.  We’re looking forward to the day when we can run out for a cup of coffee with a friend, work out at the gym, or hug our moms.  Until then however, here’s a little taste of how the Cloud Next Level team is keeping busy and staying the course!

In no particular order here’s what we’re doing when we’re not helping our valued Cloud Next Level customers.

 Kendra is finding ways to work out with free workout videos in order to take a break from Netflix.  Here’s one of her favorites. She’s also taking time to check out some new music.  How about this one from Bebe Rexha.  Kendra and Jay are at the same time helping Kendra’s parents who own an industrial sewing company to begin making masks so support those on the front lines in medical care.  Ind-Sew Tech. Rumor has it there’s also 25 yards of mulch sitting on her driveway waiting to get spread.

Ken on the other hand is trying to keep caught up on Salesforce Trailheads (CI/CD Pipeline and Field Service Lighting, oh my!) and he’s working on a building new deck.   Sounds like good timing as we all get ready to enjoy the outdoors, more.

Laura as you would expect is reading!  She’s trying to stay away from the TV and the news and focusing on things that make her laugh.  Now that the weather is getting better, she’s working on getting her garden ready for the sunny days ahead.

Kyle is reading in a different way.  He’s listening to a lot of audio books for background noise.  But just to up the game a little he’s doing pushups, sit-ups or laundry in between chapters. Game On Kyle! Multitasking at its best!

Another staff member is enjoying Zoom knitting groups, walking her cat (FOR REAL!) and helping to plan and record worship services for her church in this new era of socially distant church.  And in her spare time, she’s building SFDC apps to help with strategy.

Jay is also combining indoor and outdoor interests.  Recently he put together a puzzle with Jackson the college senior home from Tennessee—Jackson did most of it. The McKeever house also finds themselves entertaining Jackson’s Labradoodle which now increases their pack to 4 dogs and two cats. Along with that 25 yards of mulch (see above) Jay and his family are architecting 3 privacy landscape designs in areas of their yard. Can’t wait to see it.

Lori continues her quest to bake the perfect loaf of bread. And as a result of all that taste testing, is walking in her neighborhood a lot.  She misses her yoga class but is really enjoying at home yoga with the Down Dog App.  In the evenings she’s laughing with her husband and sons while binge watching Brooklyn 99!

Denise is recovering from a bout with the flu right now but is looking forward to spending time outside in the yard and garden when this is all done.

And Emily is home with two kids these days finding ways to educated them and entertain them and herself. They are becoming experts at Tik Toc Videos — Here’s one!  Wow!

We hope you are home and healthy and safe.  Let us know how you’re keeping yourself busy and if there’s anything we can do to help you in this weird new time!  Salesforce consulting is our specialty, but we’re available if you need book suggestions, yard design work, bread recipes and maybe even cat walking tips!