Here we go, Salesforce 2020 has been released. Lots of features that were introduced at DreamForce in November are going live and you won’t want to miss them. For all of the details on the Spring ’20 release be sure to go to the Salesforce release website. Here’s just a few of the updates and new features that we think are most important and can have the biggest impact on your business.

Pardot: Snippets Enhancements

Our Pardot customers already know the timesaving advantage of having Pardot Snippets. For those who aren’t using them yet Pardot Snippets are reusable blocks of text, image, date, or links that save marketers time and prevent headaches by rolling out email content changes consistently and efficiently.

With the Spring ’20 update you can now use snippets across any Pardot asset or business unit regardless of campaign. That’s right, they’re no longer tied to a single campaign! Use them in marketing content or for logos, copyright dates, company slogans, legal disclaimers, or other compliance-related content.

Salesforce Data Mask for Sandbox environments

This is a huge upgrade for our clients in the health insurance industry, but it will be a game changer for those in the payment card industry as well as anyone concerned with EU GDPR guidelines. Compliance has just become a whole lot easier!

To protect confidentiality and maintain regulatory compliance, users can now use Salesforce Data Mask to anonymize or delete personally identifiable information in sandboxes. This makes the job of monitoring in house or outsourced Salesforce users that much easier for everyone. And as a bonus you’ll be able to configure different levels of masking depending on the sensitivity of your data and requirements of your industry.

New Salesforce Mobile App Automatic Upgrade

You already know that the Salesforce mobile app helps you work smarter and be in conversation more easily with your entire workforce. The new upgrades to this app users will see a new unified experience making it even easier to transition from desktop to mobile. In addition, you’ll be able to personalize navigation in essentials and prioritize the information you use the most.

Admins are going to love this upgrade too. They’ll have more flexibility and power than ever to help make user experiences the best they can be by optimizing those components you use on mobile.

Salesforce Sustainability Cloud

This is a carbon accounting product for businesses to drive climate action. With Salesforce Sustainability Cloud, businesses now have a trusted sustainability platform that gives them a 360-degree view of their environmental impact and provides data-driven insights that will accelerate the world’s efforts towards carbon neutrality.

Calculate, analyze, and report on your company’s corporate greenhouse gas emissions inventory with an app built on the Salesforce Lightning Platform. The Sustainability Cloud app is built for sustainability managers, company executives, and third-party auditors to collaborate on producing an accurate and insightful emissions inventory.

Need help understanding any of these features or other features of the Salesforce Spring 2020 release? Give us a call. We’ll be glad to help. Contact us now!