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Salesforce Implementations are complex, high-stakes projects that can change companies. We offer a full-suite of consultants, project managers, developers and trainers to make your transition to the Salesforce and Salesforce Field Service platforms as smooth as possible.

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Sales Cloud

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Sales Cloud is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management application from Salesforce. It includes tools for contact management, sales force automation, sales forecasting, and productivity. It allows sales teams and managers to manage the sales cycle, prioritise tasks, manage customer relationships, and access insights.

Service Cloud

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The Service Cloud platform is a customer support platform that gives your agents superpowers to deliver service that’s as instant and easy as a conversation. Not only that, but your customers can choose how to reach out and start a conversation with you, anywhere, and on any device. Email, phone, SMS, social media, online communities, or real-time web chat.

Salesforce Field Service

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Empower your field techs with Salesforce Field Service. Preventative Maintenance with Salesforce Field Service connecting to IoT devices becomes an up-time powerhouse. It's the future of field service. Plug your IoT devices into Salesforce Field Service and experience a new standard of service, leaving downtime behind--it's all upside.

Salesforce Implementations

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Salesforce Implementations are complex, high-stakes projects that can change companies. We offer a full suite of consultants, project managers, developers and trainers to make your transition to the Salesforce platforms as smooth as possible.

Move Your CRM to Salesforce

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Many companies currently operate their business from a CRM other than Salesforce. As industries evolve and business needs change, these companies will eventually encounter the limits of those systems. It’s not uncommon for companies working on other CRMs to decide to switch to Salesforce to support their growth and expansion. This not only involves configuring Salesforce to support the business but to also import legacy data so that the system gives the necessary insights. 

Managed Services

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Following a Salesforce implementation launch, it’s critical for our clients to have pathways to further educate and support not only end users but also system administrators. Especially in the immediate days after a system roll-out, having dependable and expedient access to additional support can go along way to having high user adoption rates. 

Salesforce Training

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An investment in Salesforce only works when the workers who have to use the system know how to use it and, more importantly, trust the information coming from it to gain insights and make decisions. This comes from effective training. At Cloud Next Level, we work with the processes and data in your system to tailor training materials that do just that. Our configurable training packages include in-person trainings, webinars and one-on-one screen share opportunities. This also includes analytics for management to review and address low-adoption users who may need additional help.


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In the Salesforce ecosystem, it’s not hard to find trainings and videos on how to get certified. However, even with certifications, gaining the real-world experience to apply those lessons is harder to come by. At Cloud Next Level, we’ve created an apprenticeship program which pairs aspiring Salesforce professionals with experienced ones, giving the hopefuls a chance to learn best practices around Salesforce. Regardless of where you may be on your Salesforce educational journey, consider joining our apprenticeship program to get paid while working with Salesforce experts to jumpstart your path to Salesforce excellence.

Tableau CRM

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Exceptional brainpower is at your fingertips via Tableau CRM. Using Einstein Vision, field service teammates can use image recognition to identify parts and components in images. It is an extra safeguard to check that the right part is repaired or replaced. Einstein eliminates errors and costly trips back to the services center for additional components. Based on an image's classification, you can automatically determine the exact setup steps and allow them to provide faster and smarter service.