Salesforce’s product can help with the reopening of businesses and communities. will helps layout and chart the journey as we ease out of safe at home restrictions.  There’s plenty of information out about, what it does and how to use it. At Cloud Next Level we want to summarize some of that for you and give you a few links to follow for the details you need.

What is is essentially a platform for tracking and driving organizational performance. Formerly named Rypple, was acquired by Salesforce in 2011. Salesforce currently markets as one of three integrated tools called “Sales Performance Accelerator.” The other two components of Sales Performance Accelerator are and Sales Cloud.

The system is used by all types of organizations that need a method to track individual and team performance. provides a means for managers to coach their team members and deliver feedback on performance in relation to agreed upon goals for individuals, teams and the company as a whole. has three target areas: alignment of team and personal goals with business goals, motivation through public recognition and real-time performance feedback. It fully integrates with the Salesforce suite of CRM, service and social tools.

How is this different from Salesforce Care Solutions?

At the end of March Salesforce offered Salesforce Care Solutions, a suite of solutions free for 90-days. Salesforce Care Solutions is designed to help businesses stabilize during the initial phase of the crisis. Salesforce Care Solutions include:

  • Salesforce Care for Employee and Customer Support, a pre-configured employee help center, customer service, and contact center application for responding to inquiries fast, and keeping customers and employees informed. · Salesforce Care for Health Systems to assist their emergency response, call center and care management teams. · Salesforce Care for Small Business, which includes Essentials and Tableau Desktop. · Quip Work from Home to help organizations of all sizes collaborate with employees and customers from anywhere.

Now, as COVID-19 containment improves and the economy begins to restart, a more complicated recovery phase lies ahead and Salesforce is ready with their reconfigured system.

What makes the right tool to use for re-opening business safely?

In their press release Salesforce says this about the upgrades made to

“ includes new solutions to accelerate private and public sector response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including employee wellness assessment; shift management; contact tracing; emergency response management; and grants and volunteer management. The Command Center brings all data streams together so that businesses and communities can make more informed decisions.

In addition, brings together the full power of health experts, business leaders and the Salesforce ecosystem in a resource center informed by the Business Roundtable and the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) with insights from business, health and government leaders as well as analysis, best practices and recovery stories from our trusted partner ecosystem.”

Salesforce is using their stellar technology team together with business and health professionals to bring businesses back in a safe and healthy way that allows for personal safety and economic viability.

What include?

You can learn about the comprehensive list of features in this article.

As a brief overview here’s what for COVID-19 response includes:

Workplace Command Center

The Command Center will serve as a single hub for leaders to get a 360-degree view of return-to-work readiness across locations, employees and visitors, make data-driven decisions, take action and communicate effectively.

Contact Tracing

Sites can manually track health-related interactions to safely and securely minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Emergency Response Management

This includes a suite of products built in collaboration with Accenture that allows public health organizations, government agencies and the private sector to manage all types of emergencies, deliver care to those affected and allocate resources and services quickly.

Employee Wellness Assessment

Employers can securely survey and assess employee health to determine suitability for returning to work.

Shift Management and Planning

Planning to help reduce office density will be paramount in a healthy returning workforce. In addition to basic shift management, organizations can avoid large groups in the office or elevators through spatial distance and scheduling breaks, including the management of third-party suppliers or vendor services.

Workforce Reskilling

Skill up your workforce to meet new business demands with myTrailhead. The focus will be on new ways of working with out-of-the-box training, learning and wellness programs. In addition, employers can ensure returning employees comply with new safety policies and have the information they need to succeed.

Volunteer and Grants Management

This product will help organizations fulfill their relief goals with flexible, scalable tools that streamline volunteer coordination and grant-making processes. Now any organization will be able to achieve mission success by matching the right volunteers to events and automating the grants lifecycle for greater impact.

When is the COVID-19 focused going to be available and how much will it cost?

Emergency Response Management, which includes Contact Tracing, will be generally available in the second half of May 2020, beta testing is starting sooner. It is a suite of existing products, Health Cloud, Service Cloud, Lightning Scheduler, and Salesforce Maps, as well as a new product, Emergency Program Management. Emergency Program Management is an add-on to any Health Cloud or Service Cloud license in Enterprise Edition or above priced at $50 per user per month. Command Center and Shift Management are expected to be generally available in June 2020. Each is an add-on to Platform Starter with introductory pricing of $5 per user per month. Employee Wellness will be included with Command Center.

New Employee Learning and Well-being content on myTrailhead will be generally available in June 2020 and will be included with myTrailhead for Employees, which is priced at $25 per user per month.


If you’ve got questions about Salesforce and how to implement it in your company please give us a call. Cloud Next Level can help evaluate your needs and then implement the system with you. Let us help you take your company to the Next Level.