As you would expect, Salesforce and Pardot are on top of it. Pardot Einstein has the power of Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning built right in. Its name is an umbrella term for the AI features available through Pardot and Salesforce. Marketing automation is more than just a buzz word. Marketing automation is revolutionizing how organizations manage their target audiences and focus their time.

Today, marketing and sales are all about time management. Getting the deal often comes down to who gets there first, who engages with potential customers more meaningfully and who converts leads to sales faster. Digital marketing has set a fast pace to lead conversion, and businesses have no time to lose on customers that may not convert at all. Sifting through possible options for each contact consumes time and energy that detract from more important work.

The hidden gem that you may not be aware of yet? It’s called Einstein Next Best Action. This is a new tool available in Pardot that surfaces recommendations to users. Einstein Next Best Action allows marketers to shift their focus to the best possible options. The options help convert a prospect to a customer or a customer to a superuser, thus saving time and energy. With Einstein Next Best Action, marketers engage customers with tailored content based on their profile data and purchasing behavior. Salespeople can sell or upsell based on the customer’s current product configuration and anticipated needs.

When used in conjunction with Einstein Discover and Einstein Prediction Builder, you can gain AI-powered recommendations based on live and continuously changing data. It’s like adding a Data Analytics team member with a few simple widgets.

Einstein Discovery enables you to discover relevant facts and themes using data in your Einstein Analytics datasets. It’s like having your own personal data scientist who can quickly sift through vast amounts of data to find the critical correlations and make accurate predictions. Once it’s done analyzing your Einstein Analytics dataset, Einstein Discovery generates answers, explanations, and recommendations in a way that is easy for business users to understand.

Einstein Prediction Builder lets you make predictions about almost any field in Salesforce with just a few clicks. Then, you can use the projections to power workflow, focus your efforts, and work smarter. No models, no algorithms, no code needed. Point. Click. Predict.

With Next Best Action, you create rules, or propositions, based on predictions and discoveries, to surface the best recommendation for your sales reps to recommend to customers. Those predictions will be supported right in the Lightning Console so you can take action instantly, all from Salesforce.

While a recommendation is not full automation, it is a way of keeping your sales and marketing team engaged. It also eases the burden of deciding the “next best action” for the client.

Your marketing team can predefine criteria for recommendations and your admin can quickly build a flow within the lightning platform to make decision making easier for your users.

While the primary focus of any business is on new sales with Einstein Next Best Action, you’ll also be able to capitalize on customer loyalty and retention. We all know that it costs more to acquire new customers than to retain loyal ones. Pardot lets you set up a personalization experience when it comes to customer interactions. If done well, whenever your customer interacts with your brand, they will be treated like a loyal part of your brand family.

Pardot Einstein Next Best Action marketing automation improves communication, leading to interested, engaged, and loyal customers.

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