HCI a Case Study in Salesforce Optimization


Seeking an outsourced partner to provide ongoing Salesforce administration and optimization, HCI turned to Cloud Next Level for Managed Services. With only two weeks of transition time to avoid a gap in support for Sales and Operations, Cloud Next Level evaluated the situation, and provided recommendations based on the current state of the environment, along with an assessment of HCI’s true support needs. Cloud Next Level also helped map out a plan for an optimized system based on best practices. The process included:

  • Exploring and auditing the current system
  • Determining the baseline user needs and user engagement
  • Mapping out immediate support needs and implementing communication/case process
  • Identifying and resolving system redundancies
  • Evaluating licensing agreements for maximum value
  • Assessing data integrity for accuracy of reporting and forecasting
  • Creating a business process and technical roadmap to take HCI’s system to the Next Level

Cloud Next Level was able to offer suggestions and choices for workflow and utilization. CheckpointID was able to choose what to implement immediately and what to delay until they were better prepared. Some options they decided to use in phases and then to scale-up entirely, when ready. Cloud Next Level was also able to provide stepping stones for future growth. All the development provided was scalable, so that CheckpointID won’t need to build a new system or functionality in the future but will be able to expand on the current system.

“HCI was looking for day-to-day administration as well as a path towards best practices. Once we had an overview of the whole system, we could work in conjunction with the CNL team to lay a path for future best practices while meeting today’s needs. CNL’s broad experience allowed them to step in and support us daily while reducing our technical debt.”

– Brandon Bernzott, SVP of Global Sales and Marketing


Cloud Next Level’s Managed Services team stepped in to provide day-to-day administration, several critical license consolidations, and system optimization. In a short amount of time, the CNL team was able to help beyond the scope of the original plan and solve a critical website to Pardot connectivity breakdown. When HCI needed to provide additional tools to the sales and support teams, CNL was there to make it happen efficiently.

Cloud Next Level recommended immediate updates to the HCI environment to resolve lingering issues that were causing repeated support holdups. HCI was able to leverage Cloud Next Level’s Managed Services solution, which provided personalized, hands-on support and training as needed. HCI’s staff was able to skill up and learn to use their system and maintain their data with minimal downtime.

Value-added services provided by Cloud Next Level include:

  • Overseeing infrastructure, support, and maintenance
  • Advising on and assisting with software application management
  • Reducing software license exposure and costs
  • Seamless partnering with 3rd party vendors for holistic solutions
  • Gaining trustworthy data for decision-making
  • Cleaning up system redundancies and overlaps – including reducing workflows from 40 to 11 to eliminate competing flows and timeout problems
  • Implementing an automated lead assignment and lead scoring system
  • Increasing understanding of the culture of the system to make smarter decisions concerning customization
  • Identifying and addressing custom field complications
  • Training in-person and online for end users and administrators
  • Providing regular updates and dashboards for management/executive visibility.


By using Cloud Next Level’s Managed Services instead of an in-house Salesforce administrator, HCI has been able to utilize a broader skillset across multiple people while also controlling operational expenses. Previously, their system was administered by a “voluntold” administrator who needed to focus on putting out fires rather than considering the long-term health of the system. By contracting CNL for Managed Services, HCI now has a team uniquely qualified to look at the integrity of the overall system and plan for the future while meeting today’s needs.

The result: 15% software savings from the initial engagement, reduction of digital data debt by 29+ GB, and significant operational efficiency gains. Most importantly a deeper understanding of their Salesforce instance’s complexities.

The initial engagement realized savings across several areas. Other tangible benefits included:

  • Drove efficient application management
  • Reduced software licensing footprint
  • Increased efficiencies in the operating model
  • Operated as an advisor as well as an admin
  • Influenced business processes for better efficiency
  • Met the need for data integrity
  • Identified problems, researched solution applications, attended demos, provided implementation, training, and on-going management
  • Brought the customer support processes seamlessly into the Salesforce system
  • Provided coaching for process improvement


Human Capital Institute (HCI) was founded on the principle that strategic Human Capital Management is the most powerful lever for performance and growth. Since 2004, HCI’s research-based learning solutions have helped leaders, human resources, and talent management professionals plan for, acquire, engage, and develop their people.  Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, HCI’s industry-recognized certification programs and conferences are delivered all over the world and virtually.


Cloud Next Level is a Registered Salesforce Consulting Partner with dozens of consultants from various industries. Cloud Next Level provides the industry knowledge needed to take your company to the next level as well as the technical expertise to make it happen quickly. Woman-owned, WBENC Certified and based in Cincinnati, OH. Cloud Next Level was created in 2018 to fill the gap for midwestern companies needing expert assistance in optimizing their Salesforce experience.

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