Denise Matherne
Salesforce Solutions Analyst

 Denise is a highly detail-oriented leader with a broad range of experience from Salesforce development to business analysis. She has led global technology teams and worked closely with C-Suite end users. Denise excels in serving as the communication bridge between technical and non-technical teams.

As a twice certified Salesforce Admin and a Salesforce Platform App Builder, Denise understands that, when used well, Salesforce can catapult efficiency and take companies to the next level. Denise has worked in large companies, small businesses, and even her own business. She’s been on the technology side and the operations side. This experience in multiple business sectors from manufacturing to the service industry to the financial industry gives Denise a knack for understanding the pain points of a system and translating them into new processes. Denise says “I approach problem solving and decision making with communication, relationships, and data gathering. I have a passion for efficiency and embrace learning new styles, tools and environments that lead to the overall success of a team.”

Denise grew up in Northern Ohio and has lived in the Mason are for the past two decades. She holds both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Ohio University. When she’s not creatively solving problems for Cloud Next Level clients, Denise loves to work in her garden. She also loves to play cards and is in an epic battle of Rummy with her husband — Denise 227 wins, Marcus 137.