The rate at which companies expand to the Salesforce platform is faster than the rate that Salesforce professionals are joining the Salesforce ecosystem. What this means is that companies are struggling to staff their Salesforce teams and, also, aspiring Salesforce professionals are less prepared for the struggles they will face as an admin. The Cloud Next Level Apprenticeship program was created to help with both.

How Apprenticeships Help Employers

By partnering with CNL as an Apprenticeship Partner, you will have your Salesforce team members groomed by an experienced team of Salesforce professionals so that they can hit the ground running as a member of your organization. This not only minimizes the learning curve experienced with all new hires, but also empowers those new hires to begin making positive impacts as soon as possible.

Working closely with a team of Salesforce consultants, apprentices will gain all the knowledge and insights, not just of the platform, but of your specific configuration of the platform, to understand both detailed and high-level goals of your organization. This will empower them to confidently perform all necessary admin responsibilities and also make recommendations and suggestions of features that will help the efficiency of the system going forward.

While this process works most smoothly in conjunction with a CNL implementation project, we can also support the molding of your Salesforce team members within organizations that we don’t customize ourselves. Whether you’re looking to strengthen the team around the Salesforce solution you already have in place, or are looking to move to the platform and support that with a team member that continues your Salesforce momentum, the CNL Apprenticeship program is right for you.

Why Become an Apprentice?

An advantage of working in the Salesforce platform, is that all the necessary technical skills can be learned online using the Trailhead training program. This can get you all the knowledge you need to pass certification exams but, without experience manipulating a Salesforce solution for a given business, those certifications can be deceiving.

As a person looking to break into the Salesforce ecosystem, getting the technical skills and even a certification is possible, but gaining the relevant business experience to convince hiring managers during the interview is difficult.

The CNL Apprenticeship Program will not only help you gain the technical knowledge needed to get certified, but also the business experience to better understand how to manipulate the system. After completing the apprenticeship, apprentices will not only be better positioned to land jobs working on Salesforce but can also be directly placed with one of CNL’s clients looking to hire Salesforce roles.


Team up with Cloud Next Level to improve your Salesforce team. As an employer, or a potential apprentice, the Cloud Next Level Apprenticeship Program is designed to take your Salesforce system to, well, the next level. By bridging the gap between the supply and demand of Salesforce hiring needs, the only help you need can be found at Cloud Next Level. Click here to apply.