At any stage of a failing CRM implementation, we can join your project and perform recovery.

Our team follows a goals-based, collaborative approach that is very thorough without necessarily taking a lot of time. We start by understanding your business goals and your reasons for implementing a new system. We can help you identify and enlist an executive sponsor and make good use of that person’s influence without undue demands on his or her time and energy. We are also ready to provide blueprints and templates for communications that reinforce the value story of the CRM effort that resonates well with users.


Your business goals direct our work.

Since environments are typically already deployed and configuration begun, we help clients reassess standard functionality to provide a fresh set of eyes on identifying and reviewing gaps. Whether you pursue a complete business transformation or are looking for greater process efficiencies and cost control, we will recommend your best course.

“You want to control your own destiny, and that requires a flexible, customizable platform where you can satisfy today’s requirements while providing a solid base for your evolution through the coming years. In addition to that solution, you need a highly capable implementation partner to help you reap its benefits.”

– R. Katz, CFO, US- based Manufacturer


Gartner estimates that 55-75% of all CRM projects fail to meet their objectives. What we consider a project failure today is, for the most part, not at all difficult to avoid and

generally reversible. You can usually tell when your CRM implementation goes off track, but here are a few sure-fire signs your project is headed for failure.

  • Significant cost and schedule overruns.

  • The whole business wasn’t a part of the selection process.

  • The executive sponsor isn’t participating in the project.

  • You can’t demonstrate any of the results you hoped for after the deployment.

  • The solution is implemented, but highly customized.

  • You didn’t have a clear, prioritized list of goals for the project.

  • It’s business as usual, with different technology.

  • The solution doesn’t fit the way the company’s processes operate.

  • The chemistry between your CRM partner and your stakeholders is gone.

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